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Adult Learning

There's a rabbinic saying that talmud torah k'neged kulam, study of Torah is equal to all of the mitzvot (or commandments) put together.  While all of the mitzvot are important, rabbis were making a statement that regular practice of Torah study will deepen our appreciation for all other aspects of Jewish life. 

Here at Temple Adas Israel, we take Jewish learning seriously, but we also look for opportunities where we can have fun with it...such Purim.

Our adult education classes range from practical -- like basic Judaism which introduces participants to the nuts and bolts of Jewish living and includes ways to incorporate Jewish rituals into our daily lives  – to our weekly Torah study with the Rabbi on Shabbat mornings, inspired by wisdom from the weekly Torah portion (or upcoming holiday). There are other classes that are intellectually challenging, incorporating some of greatest ideas Judaism has to offer.  We offer classes that meet once ...Others that are a like a "mini-series" and some that are given on a year-long basis.  We also have educational programs for adults that connect us to natural beauty of Sag Harbor,such as our bike rides and nature walks.