Long Island's Oldest Synagogue. Renewed and Reinvigorated.

Our Vision: A Working Statement

Beit Tefillah - A House of Prayer 

Temple Adas Israel aims to create meaningful and participatory worship experiences which further the community's relationship with God through music and prayer.      

-We are committed to the ideals of Reform Judaism, balancing tradition with creativity, and are affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism.  

-Our services encourage participation and are joyful, passionate, and filled with song.    

-As a way of serving a diverse Jewish population that may wish to participate in our services, prayer at Temple Adas Israel is shaped in ways that will make every Jew feel welcome and comfortable.  

Beit HaMidrash - A House of Study 

Study is central to our lives as Jews. Through our ancient texts, we explore the deepest questions of human existence. Study encourages us to enter a conversation that embraces our differences. We strive to provide study experiences which engender debate and dialectic, as well as spiritual meaning, and intellection engagement. We strive to be a kehillah kedoshah — a sacred congregation dedicated to the highest ideals of Judaism.    

Beit HaKenesset - A House of Assembly   

The synagogue provides an opportunity for community and for bonds of friendship and fellowship among all our members.  We celebrate the many different paths that connect people to Jewish life, and seek to foster an environment of mutual respect, warmth and kindness.  We maintain that the diversity of our congregation is a source of strength, and welcome everyone to participate in meaningful ways in the life of our synagogue.